Ninathi Consulting

Ninathi Services is the company which is at the core of who we are. The company will house our Consulting, Shared Services, Training and Facilities Management divisions amongst others. This is where Ninathi promotes and supports entrepreneurship by creating joint ventures with skilled professionals within various areas of expertise. This will not only be a way of new wealth creation but also a way of creating and sharing knowledge.  One of the main advantages of this division relates to the creation of synergies which will be shared amongst the divisions, and group companies.

This division focuses on rendering consulting services as follows:

  • BEE transformation
    • Ninathi  is  currently  supporting  and  advising  the  JSE  listed  Dawn  group  in  its  BEE
      transformation process which includes enterprise and entrepreneurial development.

Other future proposed services

  • Business Strategy
  • Small Business Development
  • Finance and Tax
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Insurance and Insurance Brokerage
  • IT
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